Farmchemie along with the leading veterinary vaccine solution provider in the world, CEVA established our partnership in 2013 to become the first animal health input supplier in Sri Lanka to offer vaccination services to poultry farmers. This innovative solution tackles the burden of individually vaccinating animals on farms and introduces advanced equipment for precise vaccine administration. By addressing the limitations of traditional vaccination methods, Farmchemie’s services have gained popularity within a short period.

after 10 years from 2013-2023 Farmchemie achieved 500Mn doses of vaccines from Transmune IBD vaccine which is administrated to prevent a deadly disease called Infectious Bursal Disease in broiler birds of Sri Lanka and holding the number 01 position in vaccination service in the county since the beginning.

Farmchemie’s approach focuses on accurate vaccine delivery and robust cold chain management. The company regularly conducts audits to ensure the quality and integrity of vaccines. The maintenance of proper temperature and storage conditions guarantees vaccine potency and enhances their efficacy during administration.

One of the key strengths of Farmchemie is its team of highly qualified staff, who have received training overseas. These professionals possess the expertise to administer vaccines effectively and efficiently, providing exceptional care to the animals. The investment in their education and training reflects Farmchemie’s commitment to delivering superior services.

The accuracy and the quality of the vaccination is always highly concerned and that is monitored by regular audits which supervised by the CEVA and for each vaccination audit report can be shared to the customer which leads them to get better understanding about the vaccination proces and administration

The impact of Farmchemie’s vaccination services on poultry farmers has been substantial. By eliminating the burden of individual vaccinations, farmers can allocate their time and resources to other essential aspects of poultry farming. The accuracy of vaccine delivery, coupled with stringent cold chain management practices, has led to increased customer satisfaction and improved overall poultry health outcomes.

Farmchemie’s pioneering role in the industry has revolutionized poultry farming in Sri Lanka. Through advanced vaccination techniques, quality assurance, and well-trained staff, the company has overcome the limitations of conventional procedures. By consistently innovating and prioritizing customer satisfaction, Farmchemie continues to shape and improve the health and welfare of poultry in the country.