Selevit E

Selenite and Vitamin E injectable Solution




Each 1 mL contains,
Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) – 100 mg
Selenite (sodium) – 1 mg.


Infertility treatment. Prevention and treatment of muscular dystrophic processes. Muscular dystrophy or white muscle disease, is caused by a series of biochemical disturbances in the muscle that give as clinical symptoms the paresis or paralysis in young animals. This condition is due to deficiency of Vitamin E and Selenium, either by poor dietary intake or interference of certain factors that destroy the vitamin. These deficiencies also alter the functioning of several organ systems: muscular, reproductive and nervous system.


Administration is not indicated in animals with pathological processes in the liver and lungs.

Withdrawal time:

For meat – Zero days
For milk – Zero days


Cattle: Administer 10 mL for reproductive disorders. Preventive: Administer 15 mL at 45 and 30 days before birth.
Calves: In cases of muscular dystrophy administer. Curative: 4 ml to new-borns, 8 ml at the first month of age and 12 mL upon weaning. Preventive: 2 mL to new-borns, 8 mL at the first month of age and 10 mL upon weaning.
Pigs: Administer 8 mL in reproductive disorders, 5 mL before birth and 0.5 mL to piglets.
Sheep: Administer 4 mL before mating, 4 mL at the middle of gestation and 4 mL 3 weeks before delivery; 8 mL on fertility
Lambs: Administer 2 ml, repeat after 10 days.


Pack sizes:

100 mL





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