Prazimec D

Endo-Ecto parasiticide for Dogs



Each 1 tablet contains,
Praziquantel – 0.05 g
Abamectin – 0.002 g


In infestation of dogs with endoparasites tapeworms – cestodes (teniae) and roundworms (nematodes); in filariasis of the heart; in infestations with fleas, lice, pasture ticks and mange mites including ear scabies; and particularly in cases of complex endo- and ectoparasitic invasion.


Do not administer to dogs of Collie, Shelti and Bobtail breeds, to pregnant bitches, as well as to puppies below two months of age. Do not give more than four tablets as a single dose to dogs with a body weight exceeding 40 kg.


One tablet per 10 kg body weight. The treatment may be repeated after a month.
In cases of flea infestation, the living premises must also be disinfected.

Pack sizes:

Two (2) tablets and Four (4) tablets



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