Flunixin Injectable Solution




Each 1 mL contains,
Flunixin (Meglumine) – 50 mg


Cattle: respiratory tract disease in the symptomatic treatment of endotoxemia of E. coli.
Horses: Treatment of visceral pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders; modulator clinical pathological changes associated with endotoxemia.
Dogs: Indicated as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of septic and endotoxic shock or relief of pain in musculoskeletal disorders. In all things that are contraindicated in therapy with corticosteroids

Withdrawal time:

Meat: 7 days.
Milk: 2 days (4 milkings).
Do not administer to horses whose meat is destined for human consumption


Cattle (via intravenous): respiratory tract diseases, administer 0.44 ml of / 10 Kg of b.w. In the treatment of symptoms produced by endotoxin E. Coli administer 0.22 ml of / 10 kg of b.w. Repeat, if necessary, at intervals of 24 hours but no more than 5 consecutive days.

Horses (via intravenous): In visceral pains associated with colic, administer 0.22 ml of / 10 kg of b.w. intravenously when symptoms start. Treatment may be repeated 1 or 2 times if symptoms reappear. The cause of colic should be determined and treated with concomitant therapy alterations and in the modulation of pathological clinical signs of endotoxemia, intramuscularly or intravenously administer 0.22 ml of / 10 Kg of b.w. This can be repeated for 5 days.

Dogs (viaintravenousor subcutaneous): Inthe treatment of endotoxic shock, intravenously administer 0.22 ml of / 10 Kg of b.w. every 12 hours to a maximum of 3 doses. It is essential to include antibacterial therapy and In case of musculoskeletal disorders administer 0.22 ml of / 10 Kg b.w. subcutaneously once daily for 3 days


Pack sizes:

100 mL





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