Enrofloxacin 10% Oral Solution for Poultry



Each 1 mL contains,
Enrofloxacin – 100 mg


Treatment of colibacillosis, salmonellosis and infections caused by Mycoplasma spp.


Do not use in case of resistance to other quinolones, because of cross-resistance. I relation to fluoroquinolones, a complete cross-resistance exists. Do not use in animals with previous case of streptococcal infections.

Withdrawal time:

For meat – 4 days
For eggs – Do not use


Oral use in drinking water. The general dosage is 0.1 ml per kg of body weight. It is obtained by administering 0.5 L/1000 L of drinking water (50 ppm of Enrofloxacin) for 3 consecutive days. In case of salmonellosis, the length of treatment is 5 days. Provided the dosage form and that the water consumption depends on the clinical condition of the animal, for an adequate dosage, the concentration of the antimicrobial agent will be adjusted taking into consideration the daily water consumption.

Pack sizes:

10 mL , 25 mL, 100 mL, 1 L,