D- Cloprostenol Injectable Solution



Each 1 mL contains,
D-Cloprostenol – 75 mcg


ESTROGEST is indicated in the induction of oestrus in mares, pigs and cattle; dysfunction in the presence of ovarian corpus luteum: postpartum anoestrus, silent oestrus, irregular cycle and cycle without ovulation, persistent .orp6 luteum, luteal cysts, endometritis, pyometra, interruption of gestation (during the first-half) fetal mummification, metro patia post puerperal uterine involution delayed. The combined therapy of follicular cysts (10-14 days after administration of GnRH or HCG)


Avoid treatment in pregnant animals unless you want to induce abortion or labor.

Withdrawal time:

For meat – Cattle(cows):Zero days, Pigs(sows): 1day
Horses (Mares): Do not administer to horses whose meat is destined for human consumption.


CATTLE (cows):
The recommended dose is 0.150 mg D-Cloprostenol, equivalent to 2ml.

HORSES (mares not intended for human consumption):
The recommended dose is 0.7| .mg vD-Cloprostenoi / animal equivalent to 1ml/ animal. Repeat if

PIGS (breeders):
The recommended dose is 0.075mg D-Cloprostenol /animal equivalent to 1ml/animal.

Pack sizes:

20 mL




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