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Deltamethrin 50 (g/I) EC

Against Ticks, Lice, Flies, Mites and Flies in Cattle



Each 1 L contains,
Deltamethrin – 50 g


A Broad-spectrum parasitic treatment effective against ticks, lice, flies, mites, and other pests in Cattle.

Withdrawal time:

For meet, Egg and Milk – 30 days


For Ticks and Fleas: 1 mL/ 2 litres of water
For Lice: 0.25 mL/ 1 litre of water
For Mites: 1 mL/ 1 litre of water
For Flies: 1 mL/ 2 litres of water

Spray animals using any surface sprayer such as knapsack or tank sprayers. Ensure animals are thoroughly wetted and all parts are covered especially the areas of high pest concentration. Use a minimum of 3 litres of diluted product per animal per each treatment

Re-treatment should be done as required depending on the level of infestation. For curative treatment, re-treatment is recommended 10 days after the first application. For preventive treatment, a single application every 6 months is recommended,



Pack sizes:

10 mL and 500 mL





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