Treatment of canine congestive heart failure



Each 1 tablet contains,
Pimobendan – 5 mg and 10 mg


For the treatment of canine congestive heart failure originating from valvular insufciency (mitral and/or tricuspid regurgitation) or dilated cardiomyopathy


Do not use in cases of hypertrophic cardiomyopathies or clinical conditions where an augmentation of cardiac output is not possible for functional or anatomical reasons (e.g. aortic stenosis).


The tablets should be administered orally at a dose range of 0.2 mg to 0.6 mg pimobendan/kg body weight per day. The preferable daily dose is 0.5 mg pimobendan/kg body weight. The dose should be divided into two administrations (0.25 mg/kg body weight each), one half of the dose in the morning and the other half approximately 12 hours later. The maintenance dose should be individually adjusted according to the severity of the disease. The product may be combined with a diuretic treatment, e.g. furosemide. To break a tablet into two halves, place the tablet on an even surface with the scored side up, hold one half of the tablet and press down on the other half. To break a double scored tablet into quarters, place the tablet on an even surface with the scored side up and apply pressure on the middle with your thumb. Each dose should be given approximately one hour before feeding.

Pack sizes:

100 tablets



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