Vitamin, Mineral and Amino Acid Supplement Water Soluble Powder
Offset missing nutrients in seed diets



Each 1 g contains,

Vitamin A – 931.382 IU
Vitamin D3 – 176.327 IU
Vitamin E – 26.436 IU
Vitamin K – 0.655 mg
Pantothenic – 1.091 mg
Riboflavin – 1.745 mg
Folic – 0.131 mg
Niacinamide – 5.273 mg
Thiamine – 0.258 mg
Pyridoxine – 0.436 mg
Vitamin B12 – 0.004 mg
Biotin – 0.011 mg
Ascorbic acid – 12.327 mg
Choline – 0.033 mg
Iodine – 0.020 mg
Iron – 1.745 mg
Manganese – 2.655 mg
Zinc – 2.909 mg
Copper – 0.133 mg
Methionine – 52.891mg
Lysine HCL – 74.491mg


Provides offset missing nutrients as essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for a complete, balanced healthy life of your exotic pets. The calcium & Phosphorus ratio is carefully balanced for optimum skeletal development and growth with calcium metabolism in the body. Over 10 vitamins and different minerals for essential growth and vitamin D & E improved breeding. Promotes a healthy immune system to combat diseases. Supplements their protein requirement with amino acids for molting and nestling in an adult. A further active lifestyle with good muscle formation and repair after strenuous exercise. The unique combination of digestive enzymes improves seed and legume digestion. Probiotics are included for improved gut health and maintaining a healthy immune system. Exotic fruity flavor as a carrier to increase the palatability and sugar for energy. Ideally given before and after exercise as recovery feed.


In moist food/ feed daily dosage:

  • Small birds: 5g per 1kg of feed
  • Medium birds: 10g per 1 kg of food
  • Large birds: 15g per 1 kg of food

In drinking water daily dosage:

  • For all types of birds: 5g per 100ml of water

Pack sizes:

250 g




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