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Uditha Wanigasinghe

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Director - Marketing

Mr.Ajith Welianga

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General Manager – Finance

Ms.Ridma Herath

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Assistant General Manager – Marketing

Mr.Sampath Gunathailake

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Genereal Manager – Production

Mr.Chanaka Indrajith

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Assistant Genereal Manager- Technical

Dr.Nalin de Silva

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Manager - Accounts

Mr. W. A. D. Tharanga Chathurakshana

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Manager – Operations & Supply Chain

Miss Disna Upendra de Costa

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Products -( Companion Animals )

Companion Animals
  • Feed Supplements
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biological
  • IDEXX Laboratory Equipment
  • Hormones
Feed Supplements
Product Name Composition Brand / Supplier
Feed Supplements
Canny Boost Vitamin, Mineral and Amino acid Mixture
Canny B&E Vitamin & Mineral Supplement for healthy growth
Canny Vit Daily multivitamin and mineralsupport
Canny Brew Garlic B vitamin and mineral
Canny CaP Calcium and Phosphorous enriched with vitamins
Mamistop Milk replacer for dogs
Pecutrin Vitaminized Mineral
Product Name Composition Brand / Supplier
Dewormer / Parasiticide
Prazimec D Dog Dewormer/ EctoParasiticide
Promectine Inj Ivermectin 1%
Ganadexil 5% inj Enrofloxacine 5% Injectable
Invemox 15% LA Amoxiciline 15% LA
Oxytetraciclina 200 LA Oxytetracycline 20% LA
Orondo Spray Chlorotetracycline Spray
Award cypermethrin 100g/L
Product Name Composition Brand / Supplier
Canine Vaccines from DYNTEC
Canvac R Rabies Vaccine
Canvac P Live Parvo virus Vaccine
Canvac P -Inactivated Parvo virus Inactived Vaccine
IDEXX Laboratory Equipment
Product Name Brand / Supplier
IDEXX Laboratory Equipment
VetAutoread™ Haematology System
IDEXX VetLab® Station
VetTest® Chemistry Analyser, Quality Certified
Catalyst One™
Frocyte Dx®Haematology Analyser without IVLC
IDEXX UA™ Strips
SNAP® Combo Plus (FeLV/FIV)
SNAP® Parvo
SNAP® 4Dx®
Product Name Brand / Supplier
Estrogest D-Cloprostenol
Maxuvol Estradiol cypionate
"Our integrity and adherence to this philosophy allows us to accomplish our aim. "
- Uditha Wanigasinghe